Lo is Getting Married!

Lo and I met before we even went to Samford. She added me on Facebook (class Lo move) and then me finally met in real life in the Wright Center on move in day. Lauren has been a constant throughout my college life. We studied abroad together our junior year and it was by far the best things of college. We traveled all over the world and grew closer as friends. We lived together in different countries and then our senior year of college we slept next to each other every night (in our separate beds that were next to each other obviously). Lauren is creative and loves good packaging (can I get an amen London fam?). She is generous and strong. Lauren is loyal and constant. Basically Lauren is just a good friend. 

She met Justin via Instagram and I had the privilage of reading all the messages on their Instagram direct message thread while in London. When Lo met Justin for the first time (via FaceTime) she did it in my room and I made sure to walk in and "need to get something." It has been an honor and privilege to walk alongside them on this crazy journey. They love deeply and cook amazing food. They also know the proper words for food like green beans. 

Lo, you're my girl. Thanks for knowing me and being friends with me through the craziness of our college life into now this whole new world of adult life. 

Here are some pictures from her bridal shower in Birmingham and her bachelorette party in Atlanta.

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