Easter and Shania Twain

Once upon a time the Mariani girls and the Ferrara girls did everything together. We went to church together and family small group and all the family vacations and then eventually high school together. I vividly remember crying and telling my mom that I didn't want to to EVERYTHING with the Mariani's (like you know when you and your sister do everything together and you're all like "mom make her stop!"). Angsty middle school Emily didn't know how well she had it. 

All I want now in my adult years is to do everything with the Mariani's. Like come on can we go to school together again please? And those days we would spend hours upon hours of choreographing dances to Shania Twain... yeah let's do that again. 

I must be getting old because yesterday we all pulled out our phones to schedule in a day when we could all be in the same city for a weekend... ugh being an adult. 

Anyways, I love my family. My crazy, loud, singing and dancing, Italian, sunshine loving, lake day craving, peach pie eating family. Soak it up kids because soon enough you'll be talking about wanting to go back to the good ol days. 

Emily WehnerComment