I grow up a little bit every day that I'm here. I'm on my own but yet completely surrounded by people. I'm learning the art of public transportation, budgeting down to the meal, planning trips, and so much more. Here in London I'm adulting. 

I tried this new thing where I observed everything that was happening around me. It feels so easy to let life pass by and not even see what was right in front of me. London moves at the speed of life but once I changed the way I looked at it, it seemed to happen in slow motion. In my adulting I'm learning to cling on every moment and not let life happen without me taking notice. 

This past week brought something new every day. We were here and there and at home and in Oxford and on the tube and in a bus and walking over 20,000 steps. I thought that this week would add some structure to my life but that didn't seem to come true. Yes, we did start class but we only had one day of class. All of the other days we were free to do whatever and we sure did. 

Liberty London was a beautiful mixture of everything I love. They had a knitting floor to satisfy my grandma heart, a card section where I could envision people smiling when they opened their mailbox, and a million more floors of goodies and the most perfect plates.... basically everything I don't need but want so badly.

We went to a Fulham soccer game. It was quite the experience. You should add to your bucket list to go to a European football match. The fans were like American college football fans. They collectively sang songs and had some very fruity language. 

We spent a lot of time in Shoreditch this week. Indy people, think Broad Rripple. Coffee shops are my jam and that where I could be found most days. 

Yesterday we went to Oxford because why not. We ate lunch at the pub where CS Lewis and Tolkien dreamed up their masterpieces. (We dreamed up a book about a boy who finds out he is wizard and lives under his aunt and uncle's stairs. It's in the beginning stages. We think it's really gonna make it big.  Look for it on shelves in the near future.) We also ran into Drew Holcomb. I mean come on people, who runs into Drew at the pub where Lewis hung out? Sometimes I have to remind myself that I'm not dreaming. 

Oxford was an interesting city. The architecture was something my dad would sit and stare at for hours. It's a funny thing to walk around in such historic places. I find myself wondering who walked on the streets and what their life was like. We saw Drew Holcomb and a Neighbor at the end of the night. It threw me for a huge loop. It felt like I was in Birmingham and I would jump in my car and head back to campus. We all had a weird feeling at the end of the night. It was a good/bad/I miss home/where am I sort of a feeling. 

I'm learning new words here. Never say pants because that actually means underwear. Dont even think about talking about your newest fanny pack because woah you have no idea what you're talking about and asking where the bathroom is not a thing make sure you say toilet. My favorite new word is cheers. Ill leave you with that for now. Cheers!


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