Lovedon for so many reasons. Because I love this place. Because PDA is a real epidemic. Because last week was Valentines day. Because macaroons. 

his past week was wonderful. We've been talking a lot about people's "thing." What is everyone good at? What do they take ownership of and say feel confident in? Keidel's thing is macaroons. Girlfriend has a talent. She taught us how she does her thing. We were all gathered our tiny shoebox of a kitchen to observe and learn from the master. They turned out delicious and not to mention stunningly beautiful as well. 

Here in London we are not too cool for school because school is so stinking cool. We sit in the parlor on the couches for formal "class" and then we go to museums for the other classes. This week we went to Tate Britain and the British Museum. I fell madly in love with Lady of Shallot at Tate Britain and walked around in awe of the British Museum. 

We ended the week with a community dinner. I have this love affair with a beautifully set table and a space that invites in community and conversation. My group decided to make Nana's spaghetti. This was my first solo attempt at the recipe. I think that she would be proud at the end product. Anna rearranged the tables and put together the flowers, Madison and Brooks made the meatballs, Autumn made chocolate cover pretzels, Allie wrote everyone a Valentine on the back on their place setting card and Keidel and I made the sauce. It was a group effort and I couldn't be happier with the final product. My heart does this thing where it smiles when I see people sitting around a candle lit table enjoying a meal together.

We ended the night by staying up until 4am to watch Step Sing. It was all worth it to feel like we were apart of Birmingham for a small bit. Lovedon is so great but sometimes you need a little taste of home.   

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