To Those Who Saved My Brain

This is an ode to those who saved my brain. Since the beginning of my concussion saga I've seen many neurologists and through this I grew to really dislike them. Many said I needed to rest or take this medicine or that medicine and nothing ever worked. I was so frustrated because I knew there was something wrong and I really just wanted some answers. When my dad came to pick me up from school and take me home for the semester I was very reluctant. In my mind this just meant more and more neurologist visits and more medicine and more time of pain without answers.

I was wrong.

My mom told me that she had heard of this place called Chiropractic Neurology Center from a friend who's daughter had a similar brain injury to mine. The word "chiropractic" freaked me out. I told her there was no way I was going to. The last time I went to a chiropractor my headaches got worse. After lots of persuading, I went.

I thank Jesus every day that I decided to go. He rules, doesn't he? I went to 93rd and Meridian so often I could drive there with my eyes closed. Sarah, Dee, Dr Ralston, Jeff, Daniele and Dr Luke were not only the people who helped my brain heal but they also helped my heart heal. These people were my friends when I didn't have any friends. They knew about my day to day life and I felt so loved.

Therapy was hard. How many times did I look at a vertical lines moving to the left? Millions I'm pretty sure. Oxygen treatments were my favorite. Story time with Jeff is something I totally miss.

God provided this semester. He provided me with doctors that cared enough to get to the root of the problem. They cared enough to help me get back to normal. There are not many doctors like Dr Ralston and Dr Luke and the fact that their office is ten minutes from my house is pretty much a small miracle.

Thank you Sarah for being my friend and listening to my crazy stories. Thank you Dee for always being happy and full of life and Jesus. Thank you Jeff for making me laugh. Thank you Dr Ralston for being so diligent. Thank you Dr Luke for caring so much about what you do. Thank you Daniele for giving me reassurance that I was going to be normal again. Thank you all for healing my brain and my heart. I cherish the memories I made with you guys. Thank you for everything!

Emily WehnerComment