All real. No fluff.

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I believe love is a serious thing that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. You like pizza? Let’s photograph you eating some pizza. The only thing I’m after is making photos of who you are and the love you’ve built. Everything else is just a bonus.


WEDDING experience:


01— Polaroids

I take a bunch of polaroids on a wedding day. I will hand you a big stack on polaroids as you leave the reception. They aren’t perfect, but that is the beauty of it. You leave your wedding with tangible memories to look at.

02— sneak peaks

I will also send you a preview gallery right away. Pretty much always it’s the actual night of your wedding. Your wedding day goes by fast but also slow at the same time. Having photos at the end of the day is my favorite thing. That way you can look back at everything and just soak yourself in that newlywed bliss.

03— wedding advice

I will give you all the advice I have stored up in my brain. But don’t worry, it’s all written down. A book of everything I wish someone would have told me when I got engaged and access to my super fancy client portal. Uh huh, a client portal. Doesn’t that sound cool? It has recommended vendors, guide to choosing engagement session outfits and more.