My HoneyBook Review

How HoneyBook has changed my small business

Spoiler, I LOVE HoneyBook. It has totally changed how I run my small business. It is the best online business management software that I have found. I use HoneyBook every single day and it helps me stay organized and efficient. I have streamlined my business by using HoneyBook. It has helped me manage my business in a way that I wasn’t able to before. Essentially, I get an inquiry on my website and it goes directly into HoneyBook. Then from there, I send a follow-up email that I have saved as a template and then add some info based on their specific inquiry. I then am able to send over a proposal of services and a contract. These are all saved as templates and then auto-filled based on the information for each client. It takes me about two minutes to send over all of this information. Then my client can pay directly on HoneyBook. I keep all files and questionaries in HoneyBook. Now I am able to send over a link to each portal for my client so they can log in and see all of their documents any time they want.

One of the things I love most about HoneyBook is that they are extremely responsive. They helped me with any problems I had and provided a ton of resources for setting everything up. I now have different workflows in places and almost everything sends out automatically without me having to remember. HoneyBook is always making their CRM better and I love how well they listen to feedback.

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You get your time back and streamline your business. It is the best thing I have done by far for my photography business.

Here is a little view into what the backend of HoneyBook looks like to me. I have blocked out names to protect my clients privacy.

my HoneyBook review.jpg

HoneyBooks tracks where my leads come from. One of my favorite things!

my HoneyBook review.jpg

This is what is called my pipeline. I can see all of my active clients and what stage they are in in the process.

my HoneyBook review.jpg

This is what a proposal looks like. You can see what the proposed services are and then below that will show the payment plan and then the contract.

my HoneyBook review.jpg

This is what the files section looks like in each project. You can see the proposal and then the questionaries that I send out. You can also see where the lead comes from. Below that you can see that I have a wedding week email going out to them next. I will approve it because I have specific things I add to these emails but it is all set up and ready to be sent. HoneyBook will send me a reminder that it is time to send out this email.

my HoneyBook review.jpg
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