Liz + Jacob | Surprise Backyard Wedding in Bloomington, IN

When Liz emailed me inquiring about her wedding I was all in (well a bit confused at first and then all in). Liz and Jacob invited all of their family and friends to an engagement party in her mom's backyard. Liz didn't want to have any bridal showers but she did want one big party where everyone would come and celebrate them. All of their friends and family thought they were going to be getting married in December. What they didn't know was that the engagement party they were going to was actually their wedding. 

It was a very hot day in May and everyone was a bit sweaty and looking for a shady spot to stand. Hors d'oeuvre were being passed around and everyone had a glass of champagne in one hand and some water close by. Liz and Jacob asked a few friends to give toasts at the beginning of the party. Their best friends shared how much they loved these two and how well they go together. Liz took the mic after they were done and thanked everyone for coming. She then announced, "We are actually getting married today! The barn behind you is all set up for the ceremony. See you guys there in fifteen minutes!" Her best friends who had just given toasts had no idea and their jaws were on the ground. This moment was hands down one of my favorite things I have gotten to photograph and be apart of. 

Liz put on her BHLDN skirt over the top of her dress and grabbed her mom and dad's arms and walked down the aisle to Jacob (who was standing under the most gorgeous floral wreath made by Old Forest Farm). Jacob's dad preformed a beautiful ceremony where everyone sat around them in a circle. Everyone was still a bit surprised that this was actually happening.  Right after they were pronounced husband and wife they went directly into their first dance. 

Liz and Jacob, being apart of your wedding day was the biggest honor. Everything about it was just perfect. 

Dress + skirt | BHLDN
Florals | Old Forest Farm
Venue | Liz's mother's backyard
DJ | DJ Unique
Catering | One World Catering
Invitations | Blaire Speaker

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