The March Wehners

Oh March. The best month of 2018 so far. For one million reasons but on the top of the list would be because we got a sweet little angel baby puppy girl Keva. We are literally so in love. We had been thinking about getting a puppy for a little while but when we saw her lil angle face on Facebook we had to get her. We got her from a breeder in Fishers who lives next to someone we know from church. 

She has been the most perfect puppy. She rarely has peed in the house and didn't wake up much during the night. We have watched so many Ceasar Millan videos and Luke is all time best pack leader. 

I also went to Cultivate Workshop in Nashville Tennessee. I will write a separate blog post all about Cultivate but it was by far the best thing to happen to my photography business. I learned more than could even begin to explain. I also got to hang out with Dawn and Emily and they are just my favorites. 

Other wonderful March things that happened:
- Maggie's bachelorette party in Cincinnati. We had a blast. I want to spend every Saturday morning drinking all the mimosas plz. Like what the heck. Why did no one tell me Cincinnati was so cool? 
- Endless Holliday Park dates with Keva. 
- One of my besties is having a baby and I am not sure how to cope. We had a baby shower for Claire and it was just so right. Claire was born to be a mom and I can't wait see her step into this new roll. But also, wasn't it yesterday when we were having a sleepover in my parents basement talking about all the cute boys in youth group? 
- AN ENDLESS WINTER AND MORE SNOW THAN EVER. I am actually mad about this. Will winter ever end? Will the flowers grow? Will I be warm? It has been eight months since I have been warm. Plz Lord, send spring pronto. 
- We got Movie Passes and have seen so many movies and it feels like straight luxury. 
- My mom bought me a pair of overalls at TJ Maxx and I haven't taken them off this entire month. I would sleep in those things. They are so comfy and I love them. Thank you. Bye. 
- One of my favorite days of the month is monthly dinner party night with friends. This month we celebrated Lauren and Tyler's birthday. We eat all the food and play games and it is just the best thing. Also, Momo and Keva held hands and I'm dead.