Trieste, Italy

Oh Italy. Truly what a trip. My dad, mom, Maria, Luke and I left at the end of July to meet Alli in Trieste. Alli had been studying in Italy for the past month and we were going to meet her and see what her life had been like across the sea. After our long and tiring flight we landed and took a taxi to meet Alli at our hotel. There is nothing like adding the Honey Girl back into the mix of the fam. She is funny and loud and just completes us. 

Alli took us around her city for the next two days. It was fun to imagine her spending her time in this cute little town. It brought me back to my days studying abroad. The best decision I could have made during college. Alli is fluent in Italian and I was beyond impressed that she was able to be our translator for the trip. 

Can you even talk about going to Italy without talking about the food? Um duh no. So our first meal I ordered pizza. I don't eat gluten because it gives me migraines since my brain injury and I am allergic to cows milk. So normally I don't eat pizza. But in Italy the gluten doesn't effect me and they have buffalo cheese. So basically I was in heaven. 

We ate gelato and went into the cute little shops and sat by the water and drank prosecco. Traveling gives you a perspective that is unlike anything else. You carry all you need on your back and observe how others do life. Italy, I love you forever. 

Emily WehnerComment