Sister, sister! / Fogleman Girls

These Fogleman sisters, I've known them since we were in our awkward stages. We would wear two different patterned tank tops one on top of each other and "tan" when the sun had already set. When Claire and I were in 6th grade we would sit in her basement and put on makeup and talk about boys for hours and hours. Claire's mom Carrie would come down with her bald head and bring us snacks. I've seen these girls be rocks for each other as they walked through the hardest thing you could think of, losing their mom to cancer.

And now here we are years and years later and these sister are each others best friends. They drive one another nuts but they also love each other too much to put into words. Here comes a new season for the sisters because Claire is getting married! 

Claire thought we were going to take some sister pictures but really we were leading her to the spot where her love was going to propose. Life friends are the best. I'm so excited to see Claire and CJ get married and these sisters spring into action. 

Emily WehnerComment