The Moore Family

You know those families in your life that you don't remember not knowing? The Moore family is one of those families for me. Mr. Moore and my dad were fraternity brothers at Purdue. You see, I'm a product of being raised with other families around. Back in the day my family was apart of a flock group (an interesting name which basically meant a family small group). There were a handful of families in this group that traveled through the awkward middle school years, the death of loved ones, the changing of a lead pastor, pool parties, our moms all the saddening becoming super into health and so many more things. I can look at these people and feel a sense of home. 

The Moore family are one of these families. Mrs. Moore gives the tightest hugs with a little pat on your back and Josh and Neal will always be brothers to a degree. I know the way their house smells and we've played so many games in their basement. These days Elizabeth is modeling for Next Management and chasing her dreams in big cities like London, Paris, and Milan. I am so honored to have to the chance to take their family pictures this year. What a sweet family they are. 

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