How's marriage?

How's marriage? That is the question I get most in my life right now. Marriage... what? I forgot I was doing that thing because it just feels so normal. Thanks for asking by the way. It's the best decision I have made thus far in my life. It feels right. This is what we have been longing for, especially during our engagement. It feels easier and honestly way more fun. 

Let me tell you a little bit about this whole marriage thing. I always thought I was a really clean person. I would describe myself as an organized human being. But then I married someone cleaner than me and it's making me rethink my whole identity. Luke does the dishes and the laundry and reminds me that my seventh pair of shoes is lying in some obscure spot like the freezer. I'm dealing with it guys. We've argued about things like yes we do need that fifth pillow on our bed and no I don't want to go on a walk after dark when all the clowns are out and its so cold. But then we get to have dinner together every night and go have game nights with friends and live together and cool stuff like that. The mundane things are fun like going to the grocery store. This whole marriage thing isn't a walk in the park all the time but it is worth it everyday. 

If this first month of marriage was a taste it would be something like black bean chocolate cake because we haven't eaten sugar since our honeymoon and now we eat obscure strange things. If it was a smell it would be that amazing lava candle from Anthropologie that just smells like beautiful aesthetically pleasing things (close second would be the candle Randall got us as a wedding gift). If this month was a TV show it would 100% be The Blacklist because we are HOOKED and duhz Elizabeth Keen is my best friend. The place we visit the most is Hopscotch and Kroger. Oh and our favorite walking route is that sidewalk path with all of the tree branches hanging down in the neighborhood behind our apartment.

This month (and a couple days) has been slow and fast all together. Its been hard and easy. I've cried tons and laughed so hard it hurts a little bit. I feel like a nomad traveling at least one a week to Indy. Luke and I have sat the end of the day with a beer and a glass of wine dreaming about our futures and really wish we had a garage to make things out of wood.