We're Engaged!

For you to fully understand the story of our engagement I need to start back a few months. When Luke and I started dating we decided to not talk about marriage for a while. We wanted to simply just date. Before I started dating though Luke I wrote in my journal that if I were to let myself I could fall in love with him. After a little while I ended up letting myself.  After a few months the conversation of marriage was brought up (because when you’re in a long distance relationship all you really have is conversation) in a very casual way. It went something like this, “Do you know we are going to get married?” “Yes. I do.” 


So I had known for a little while that was going to marry this Luke Wehner but I really didn’t know anything about when we were going to get engaged. The whole period in the middle of knowing you are going to get engaged and actually getting engaged is an awkward thing. I struggled to let myself just be in it. I have a tiny problem with wanting control (it’s actually a pretty big problem). A lot my anxiety stems from me feeling like I have no control of the situation. I really wanted to know when Luke was going to propose but also I didn’t want to know anything. 


I had this idea in my mind that maybe it would happen while I was home for Christmas break. Because of this I started having some expectations and then I kept getting let down. I felt so stupid for feeling sad when it didn’t happen when I thought I would. On Christmas eve I decided I really needed to let it all go. I need to trust Luke and that he has a plan and I need to just rest in the fact that I love a man who adores the Lord first and me second. 


The day after Christmas we took the long and tiring 18 hour trek down to Captiva Island, Florida with my family. On December 28, the first full day we were there, I thought it was just a normal day. After spending a majority of the afternoon soaking in the sun Luke asked if we could go inside for the day. I agreed and we headed in. My mom told me she was planning on making tacos for dinner and that we wouldn’t be going out. With that in mind I took a shower, threw my hair on top of my head and put on my Nike shorts and a big t-shirt just the way Alabama had taught me. Luke told me he had a headache so I gave him some Advil and told him to take a nap. 


My dad asked if I wanted to go to an antique store and I said of course. We headed to the store and on the way I asked if he thought that Luke was ever going to propose to me. My dad told me, “I think the issue is he doesn’t have a ring yet.” We got about halfway there and realized it was further than we thought. My dad told me that we should turn around and head home because my mom wanted to see the sunset. 


As we pulled up to the condo my dad passed it. I looked at him and I said, “You passed the house!” He said, “No I didn’t.” I was so confused because he clearly did but he kept saying he didn’t. My dad is one of the most directional people I know and rarely gets lost. He pulled up to where the little boardwalk was to the beach and I thought he was turning around. Then I saw Luke standing there and I said, “Oh there’s Luke! I’ll just get out here.” Then I realized that he was more dressed up than normal and my stomach dropped. I said, “Oh no. Wait… No. What? Wait oh my.” My replied with, “Have fun!”


Luke came and grabbed my hand and helped me as I got out of the massive suburban. I felt like I had just come off a rollercoaster and I was trying to get my footing and make my stomach go back into place. His sweaty hand held me tight as we started to walk down the long path to the beach. Luke pulled out a crumpled note on a piece of yellow lined paper. On that paper held the dates in our relationship. As we reached the beach I didn’t notice the sharp shells under my feet or the pockets of people that were sitting to watch the sunset. We talked about all of these memories as we walked. He reminded me of when we met two and half years ago and everything that has happened in between. To be totally honest I don’t remember what was said during this time. It was almost as if I was outside of myself and watching as I walked down the beach holding the hand of the man I love the most in the world. I was there, but I was in another state. A state of excitement and joy. 


As we approached a spot in the beach that Luke had picked out, my nerves melted away. I was comfortable and at peace. Luke grabbed my hands and told me that there was no one in the world he would rather spend the rest of his life with. As tears rolled down both of our cheeks he got on one knee and asked me the best question and I said a wholehearted yes. 


We stood there hugging and resting in the excitement of what was to come as the bystanders cheered for us. Alli and Maria came running out of the bushes and congratulated us. We all walked back towards the boardwalk and all of the sudden my sister cousins came running towards me along with some family friends. 


My dad popped champaign and we headed home and did indeed eat tacos for dinner. 


As I reflect on all of this I am so thankful for a man who loves me deeply, knows me well, and worked so hard to make sure I was surprised. With each passing day I love Luke Wehner more and more and I can’t wait for the day I get to call him my husband.

* Thank you to Maria Ferrara my hot, stunning, beautiful, talented, smart, single sister for taking the pictures. 

* Thank you to Alli Ferrara my hot, stunning, beautiful, talented, smart, single sister for taking the pictures.

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