Mariani Family

I love this family. I've watched them grow from just Myra and Tom into full household. They are one of those families where people ask, "Are you a Mariani?" Every one of them is so different. Just walking into the house you can see their different personalities. Picture this for a second: Joseph is reading a book upstairs in his room, Thomas is watching something on ESPN that he already knows everything about, Celeste is dancing around trying to make sure the hair on her American Girl Doll is styled just right, and Marco is building a new lego set. This would be a typical scene I would see this past summer. 

These kids hold my heart. I call them the babies and I've watched each one of them grow into who they are today and it has been such a joy. You may not know that Thomas is tough and loves football but would jump at the sound of baking something. Marco has metronome in his lil brain and he has since he was really little. 

Myra and Tom are wholeheartedly dedicated, fiercely loving and just plain fun parents. They give these kids the opportunities of a lifetime and I know they will be forever grateful. 

Emily WehnerComment