Back In Bed

After lots of contemplation I was advised to take the semester off from college.

At first I was sad. All my friends get to hang out and do college things and be college people and I'm gonna go back in time to when I lived at home. I want to climb billboards, go camping, go to parties, rush some babes, stay up late, borrow clothes, spend too much money, get tired of the caf (okay not really), hang out with guys, be stupid, and laugh a lot too! I thought everyone was going to forget about me. I just wanted to be at school and be normal.

Then I realized, wait being home rules too! It's rad in a totally different way though. I go to therapy every day and my brain is getting so much better. I haven't had a migraine since coming home which is a miracle in itself. I've gotten to organize my trunk of keepsakes, something I've been wanting to do for a year. I started and Etsy shop to sell my flower crowns. We got a puppy and he's my best friend now. I still got to go to Birmingham and see Sigur Ros and stopped in Nashville on the way home. I'm going to Spokane, Washington to visit my longest friend Carly next week and I can hardly wait. I've wanted to go to Washington to badly for a while. I've also been helping out with the Heartland Film Festival. I've made new friends and hung out with old ones. People come home from school way more often than I thought.

I've learned that it's okay to take a semester off. I've learned that home is pretty great. Yes I'd love to be at school. But being home isn't so bad either. For some reason God wanted me in Indiana this semester. I'm not quite sure why yet, but I'm trusting Him because honestly there's nothing more I can do.

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