I signed up for this trip to Toronto on a whim. I had no idea what I was getting into. I had heard that this trip was life changing but I had no idea how much.
This trip was a pilgrimage. We walked, talked, thought and observed. We learned about social injustices.
Sin is disgusting but God’s grace is unreserved.
I wrote this in my journal in regards to what I learned from this trip:
During this pilgrimage God has showed me that I need to change my thinking about myself and about others. I need to get the focus off of myself and onto my neighbor but when doing so going into it with the attitude and perspective that my life is a pilgrimage and a mission for God’s kingdom and that every conversation matters. I need to ask hard questions, open my eyes and not be so ignorant but also be okay with not having all of the answers.

Emily WehnerComment