My Battle

I've been battling chronic migraines and headaches for six months. This is a result of having two concussions while playing lacrosse.
Six months is a long time. At first I thought I was being weak. I thought that maybe I didn't trust God enough or maybe I wasn't praying hard enough and that is why I was still experiencing these terrible head pains. Why does it feel like I'm constantly being stabbed in the back of the head with a massive knife? Why doesn't it go away? Will it go away?
These past two weeks have been the worst yet. I have come back to school and started using my brain again.
Here I am four migraines and one ER visit later just wanting answers.
I'm on my way back to Indianapolis to visit doctors and be under the care of my wonderful parents.
Right now this is my battle and as one of my wonderful friends said, "God has a plan."

Emily WehnerComment