Since being at home I've received some answers regarding my brain.

I have found out that the left side of my brain isn't working properly. Because of this my midbrain is overworking itself and creating migraines. The left side of your brain deals a lot with math and those types of actions. Since going back to school I started taking eighteen hours and most of those class are math type classes. This is why I have had all of the headaches and migraines since going back to school.

A lot of this plays out in my eyes too. I have a hard time getting my eyes to focus on things and this makes reading very difficult. I also can't focus if there is more than one thing going on in front of me, like driving. Also, when I walk the left side of my brain doesn't tell my right arm to move.

So how do I get better and can I get better? Yeah, that was my immediate question. The doctor says that through therapy I can reprogram my brain to work again. I am doing a lot of eye movement therapy and I am also getting some oxygen treatments to get more oxygen to my brain.

This is all so extremely crazy I do realize but I am so happy to know that I do in fact have a real life problem. I'm not making up these seven migraines in two weeks. There is an explanation for all this pain and there is a way to fix it. I am so happy to have found a doctor that can identify these problems and help me get back on track.

This is a video of Dr. Carrick by ABC News. He is the doctor that my doctor studies under and this is basically what they are doing to me.

Emily WehnerComment