I'm Feeling 22

22 sounds old to me. It doesn't sound like the age that I call my own. My 21st year of life was full of adventure and learning. I lived in London for four months and traveled around the world.

With every given day I feel like I'm growing up a little bit more and I love it. This whole adulting things isn't easy. I'm learning about myself and ugly sin comes with that. I've realized that the simplicity of gathering people around a table makes my soul come alive. I love to serve others in this way. I love to feed them but more importantly I love to gather people in a place where they can feel comfortable and draws out raw and authentic community. 

So this is what I did for my birthday. All I wanted was to gather people around a table and hang out eat delicious food and finally use those beautiful gold chargers that have been in the cabinent and build a table with my dad.  I had people from from all areas of my life. There were IHM babes who knew me in my most awkward stages of life, Heritage classmates and teammates, my steadfast youth group friend, and my baby sisters who are a million times cooler than I will ever be. It didn't matter that not everyone knew each other. We were able to connect on the fact that we all have a story and Ellie can always make us laugh. 

My heart was full as the candles burned down to their core and we were still sitting around the table hours after the food had disappeared. 

I have this little hunch that 22 is going to be the best year yet. 

Emily WehnerComment