Londone // Bye Trudy

I've been back in the states for eleven days now. It all feels like a blur. The last night before my precious babes of a London family left me on May 10th we had a blast. We did everything that we could to soak up our city one last time. We ended up walking from Big Ben to Covent Garden and just about everywhere in-between. That night we all ate together. I think one of my favorite things about the semester were the times in the Daniel House kitchen. That place is holy ground. We not only ate but laughed and grew and learned about each other inside those walls. After dinner we did a little mattress surfing (shhhh don't tell) because well why not and then made a big bed in the parlor and watched movies. That night was one of my favorites. I almost sobbed thinking about how far we had come from the first day we set foot to that night on the mattresses. 

Allie, Sarah, Liz and I sent the bus off early the next morning. We were all staying with our families for the next week or more. My mom, Libby, and Carly came and I showed them all around the city. We went to all of my favorite spots and they got a taste of what my life had been like for the last four months. 

Now that I'm home it kinda feels like I never left. My bed is still as comfortable as I remember and my puppy is just as fluffy. People keep asking me how my semester was and it's so hard to sum up. The quick short go to answer is that it was great. I traveled more than most get to in their lifetime. We went to 9 countries and 24 cities. I met the most amazing friends and gained a level of confidence I didn't know was possible. This is all true but I must be honest and tell you the other side. 

It wasn't all roses and ponies and rainbows. This semester was hard. I cried more times than I can remember and honestly really struggled. I developed anxiety my freshman year of college and this past semester was the worst I've ever had it. It hindered me from normal everyday life things and sometimes got the best of me. Seriously singing praises for my besties Kenz and Eden for calming me down multiple times from across the pond.  

London was my normal life. It wasn't a vacation everyday as it shouldn't have been. I did homework and cleaned my room and did my laundry and worked out. I had to make my everyday in a new location and I learned so much through that. 

I would not trade this semester for the world. I'm a different person sitting here now than I was four months ago. I'm stronger and I'm proud of that. I keep telling myself, "You did London you can do anything!"

Side note: Hey London fam, miss you guys so stinking' much. You are the best and you made London what it was - each and every one of you. Love y'all!

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