CorFUN, Greece

Corfu, Greece was unlike any trip we went on this semester. Our trips were so go, go, go and this was just stay. We were able to just be. It was wonderful and just what we needed. 

We stayed in this little villa we found on Airbnb in a mountain village called Nissaki. The second we arrived the smiles didn’t stop. I mean you guys this place! It was an actual dream. Everything we needed was right there. A small grocery store was at the bottom of the hill and just beyond that was the beach. We sat in the sun and let it give us giant hugs for a whole week. The people in Greece are the nicest. They helped us with anything we needed and the guy who runs the villa came over almost every night to hang out. Freckles, food, movies, sun, reading, swimming, fish, and underwater cameras… thats really all Greece was. 

It was the best way to end our time abroad. I loved every second and the people I was with. 

Emily Wehner1 Comment