Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh was just what I needed. It was a planned trip through Samford so we all traveled together. I love our little family we have here. We are all so different yet it works. We all get along in a way a family does - bickering and fighting along the way. Some of my favorite times are when we are all in the kitchen making dinner and talking about the events of the day. I love late nights on rally couches doing nothing but talking about everything. I wouldn’t want to travel to Edinburgh than my crazy, big, messy, hilarious, difunctional London family. 

After we got settled into our place it was basically a free for all. Once we got our bearings we headed out to adventure in this new city. We found little hole in the wall bakeries and coffee shops and loved it. 

On Saturday we had the option to go to the Highlands or not. I decided to stay and I couldn’t be more happy with my decision. Sarah and I hiked a volcano and found the cutest little breakfast place. Yes I hiked a volcano in Scotland on Saturday morning… is this real life? We wrote in our journals at the table where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter and found gifts for our family. It was sunny and wonderful. We ended the day with fudge and Pride and Prejudice. It was a day that made my soul happy. 

Emily WehnerComment