Checking It Off the List

Excuse me while I hold back tears as I write that we are checking things off our London bucket list because we only have two weeks left. TWO WEEKS. What is life? 

We stated with champagne because how else do you start the day (just kidding mom). Keidel works at this cute little french restaurant. It was wonderful to see where she spends the day. Then we went to Primrose Hill which is one of my favorite spots to see the skyline. Abbey Road was next because some of our friends hadn’t been yet. Talk about anxiety. If you want to see a cool landmark and almost die from a car hitting you this is your place. Drivers aren’t nice and don’t want you to hold them up for even a second. 

The next day we want to the Prime Meridian. Sorry Mandy Moore but we win. We stood in two hemispheres at the same time. 

Our list is getting smaller and smaller of things left to do. I have come to terms with the fact that you could spend your entire life in London and never see everything. We have done so much and seen so much and I am so happy about that. Cheers to two more weeks!

Emily WehnerComment