Brighton, UK

Last weekend was debated over for quite a while. Do we go to Normandy or Ireland? Do we stay in London? Liz proposed Brighton and it was decided and thank goodness because it was one of my favorite days so far. 

Brighton is on the southern coast and it took about and hour and a half to get there. Then second I got a glimpse of the ocean my heart skipped a beat. I just love the beach and the sun and you don’t get much of that living in London. It was supposed to be a gross day but EmDuv sent up a prayer that was granted and we were blessed with a sunny day straight from heaven. 

Lolo is the best at finding cute hidden places so thats what we spend the day doing. We went from coffee shop to bakery to boutique to graffiti wall to the beach. Liz made a reservation and Meat and Liquor for all of us to have dinner together. I am not kidding when I say that it may have been one of the best burgers I have ever eaten. The entire table fell silent as we stuffed our faces. 

We headed to a concert to end the night. John & Jacob took the stage and blew us all away because they were from Birmingham, Alabama. No one knew that they were from our favorite southern state. My face hurt from smiling because we were so happy to have a tiny piece of home. All 18 of us yelled as loud as we could to show our support. Not only are they wonderful humans who give great hugs, they have the best voices and stellar harmonies. Oh and then the main act came on and they were good too, but not from Alabama. 

We headed home on the last train and ended the night laughing so hard and the events of the day. Thanks Liz for making one of our last weekend the best. You’re a real gem and we love you! 

Emily WehnerComment