Excuse My Posh

There is this weird thing about time where it just passes so quickly yet sluggish at the same time. I hate it and I love. Like hi how is almost Spreak All Over the World (that's what I'm calling our spring break this year)?

In other news, we went to high tea and felt like royalty for half a second. Although Kate had to cancel and couldn't make it to join us, we had a brilliant time. It was all I had been practicing for since I was a tiny child and loved to play pretend with Carly. We learned very quickly that you don't actually put your pinky up when you sip your tea... but we did it anyway. 

Some of my people are here. They arrived directly after tea. My cousins/sisters Hannah and SarahGrace know me better than just about anyone in the universe. It's a dream to have them here to see where I'm doing life. I know Papa is so happy that we are getting to have this adventure together (hi we love you). SarahGrace brought her friend Caroline. Ellie is here too. Ellie is my hilarious, bold, Pacers lovin' high school bestie. She is studying in Italy. It feels like home when she's around. 

Yesterday we did everything and I had a record breaking day for steps on my Fitbit (24,000 try to beat that dad). We did just about all the big touristy things. It was also the most perfect day that we have had in London so far. I felt like I had finally earned my freedom when I didn't have to wear a coat. 

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