Spreak All Around The World: Interlaken

Interlaken was a popsicle on a hot summer day, it was a cold glass of water after a hard workout, it was a morning sleep in after a week of having early classes, it was a hug from your mom after months of not seeing her… it was a huge breath of relief and we couldn’t have been more excited. 

We basically sprinted off the train at the sight of the stunning Swiss Alps. I felt my face not being able to stop smiling. It was warm, quaint, and insanely beautiful. We knew from our first step on this beautiful land that we were going to love it here. 

After dropping off our bags at the nicest hostel we had stayed at (if you ever find yourself in Interlaken stay at the AlpLodge), we walked around and ended up having a picnic in the center of town. I’m not kidding when I say we were living the dream. 

Fondue was the obvious choice for dinner. Praise Jesus for Graham and his little bit of German because we were able to eat at the most delicious hole in the wall place where the lady only spoke German. 

We woke up the next day ready for an adventure and what an adventure we had. We went paragliding. It was one of the coolest things I have ever done. We ran off the Swiss Alps and flew over Interlaken. Talk about amazing. 

Another picnic lunch, hiking the Swiss Alps, and a picnic dinner on the balcony of our hostel consumed the remaining hours of the day until we decided to get some chocolate fondue. Yeah, it was just as good as you would think it would be. 

Interlaken was all we had hoped and imagined. It was amazing and stunning and beautiful and restful and fun and just a really good time. 

Emily Wehner1 Comment