Wells Not Wales

It was all one big accident. 

We were planning a trip to Wales when we fell in love with an Airbnb that happened to be in Wells. Where is Wells? Yeah, I don't know either. We followed our aestheticly pleased hearts and went to Wells. Two trains and short taxi ride later we were at The Stables. *

Since leaving home as a freshman I have been living in places full of people; i.e. dorms, Falck House in California, and the Chi Omega house.  Now I live in the Daniel House and it is once again full of people. When I was a freshman I thought I had mastered the art of living with people. Then I moved to the sorority house. Then I moved into Falck House. Its a lesson I have to learn everyday. It's not something that I conquer and then I'm done. Living with people is hard but it's worth it a million times over. 

One thing I have learned is that when you live with a lot of people you have to get away. Remove yourself and breathe. That was what this weekend was. 

It was refresher. It was a battery recharge. It was a warm blanket, no makeup, too much food, and getting in that comfy position that makes the world melt away and you never want to move. Can we all say "ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" in unison now? 

I love cooking. I feel like I say this all the time, but making food and setting a table feeds my soul in a way that fills me up and makes me feel alive. I'm thankful for friends who know this about me and allow me to create and dream. So this weekend we made too much food. There were tomatoes and eggs and chicken and asparagus and pasta and muffins and chocolate covered strawberries to just name a couple. 

Wells wasn't without some bumps in the road as all adventures are. We got lost on our way coming home from town, spilled blueberries, and got locked out of the house for two hours in the rain. It all adds to the memories. 

So maybe last week was my favorite but maybe this week is my favorite too. Am I allowed to have a million favorites? 

* B was dearly missed. She was sick and decided to stay at home to get better. 

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