Who is Luke?

I've been asked who this guy Luke is and how we met countless times. Luke lives in Indiana and I'm down here in Alabama. 

Here's a snapshot of our lil story:

Two and a half years ago my friend Julie asked me to go on a trip to Toronto with Grace Church. I really didn't want to go. She was the only person I knew going and it was a church I had never been to before. I decided though that I would once again push myself to do something hard and go on this mysterious walking trip. So in June 2013 Jules and I went to the Grace Church parking lot and met the rest of the people going. Among those people was Luke Wehner. He was a summer intern and was helping lead the trip. 

Over those couple of days in Canada I realized that this Luke guy was crazy funny and somehow had the same type of humor I did. The first time I remember thinking "this guy is cool" was when we sat on grate and made up a story for about thirty minutes. We came home from the trip and we hung out a couple times with Jules. 

That winter we hung out a couple times and started to like each other. I really wanted to date him. Luke decided it wasn’t the best idea. I was disappointed and didn’t talk to him for a while. Then a couple months later I called him and sat in the rush closet in the Chi Omega house and we talked for a couple hours. 

Ever since then I was never worried about not hearing from him. I just knew I would always hear from him at some point. It was always a little weird to me though that I could go from liking this guy to back to being friends and it being normal. 

This past summer we were both home. This was the first time we were in the same city for an extended amount of time since we met. We started hanging out again quite a bit and those feelings started to stir back up again. Luke came over on my birthday and sat on the front porch with me. 

He looked at me and said, “I like you and I want to date you.” 

We started dating almost six months ago and it has been a crazy whirlwind. 

Long distance is the worst let me tell you. I wish so badly that we didn’t live 500 miles away from each other. The amount of stupid fights we have had is insane. I get moody and angry and upset way too often. 

Luke is in a pastoral development program at Grace Church. He is insanely hilarious and deeply caring. He’s a leader and world changer. He’s a deep thinker and a chocolate cake lover. Luke will probably ask what your enneagram number is when he meets you. He loves Jesus more than anything. It's been the best six months. I've learned and grown and changed.

Thanks for being my best friend. 

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